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Virtual Power Plants: Ready to Serve a Grid Near You

July 24, 2017 / Jill Feblowitz / Distributed Energy Resources, Distribution Markets, Virtual Power Plants, Wholesale Markets

It’s been almost a decade since German utility RWE piloted one of the first virtual power plants, made up of nine small hydro facilities networked to deliver power to the transmission grid. The world of virtual power plants (VPPs) has evolved considerably since then.

Check out what the panel on VPPs had to say at GTM’s GridEdge Global Forum.  Bud Vos, president and CEO of Enbala, a company using distributed resources to balance the grid, wasjoined by Adam Todorski, senior director of product technology at AutoGrid Systems, and Sandra Trittin, head of business development at Swisscom Energy Solutions, for a lively discussion of VPPs.

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