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New technologies creating opportunities in transmission analytics

March 25, 2020 / Jill Feblowitz / Data and Analytics, Electric Fleets, Electric Vehicles, Synchrophasors, Transmission Grid, Weather Forecasting

Power transmission has rarely been the hottest topic in the utility industry. With the integration of large-scale renewables and the drive to decarbonize, this segment of the power value chain has received more attention, and the focus on data is not to be underestimated. Moves to electrification are raising questions about whether new transmission infrastructure is needed. The fires in California have already sparked an examination of the health of aging transmission towers and lines.

Analytics will play a growing role in transmission going forward. Analytics practitioners and enabling infrastructure will be needed to help to answer many questions in transmission planning, development, operations, maintenance, and security.

To read more, go to New technologies creating opportunities in transmission analytics, UAI, April 2019.

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