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Getting Better at Storm Related Outage Prediction

April 20, 2020 / Jill Feblowitz / Artificial Intelligence, Asset management, Data and Analytics, Deep Learning, Distribution Grid, Machine learning, Transmission Grid, Vegetation Management, Weather Forecasting

Utilities need to know the “ground truth”

One of the utility’s primary missions is to minimize outage frequency and duration.  Outage prevention is even more important during the COVID-19.

Until recently, storm-related outage prediction has been limited by lack of data and the use of spreadsheet-based models. The good news:  Up-to-date granular data (geo-referenced weather forecasts, satellite and multi-spectral images, etc.) is now available. New modeling approaches (predictive analytics and machine learning) make modeling more accurate, flexible and faster.

For a lot more detail, see Know Your Trees, April 2020.

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