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Next-Gen Flexibility is The Mantra for Grid 3.0

July 7, 2017 / Jill Feblowitz / Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resources, Distribution Markets, DOE Programs, Energy Storage, Integrating Renewables, Microgrids, New Business Models, Regulation

For most veterans of the utility industry, discussions about the next generation distribution grid hearken back to the 1990s with the introduction of deregulation and wholesale markets. Today’s “future” represents an even greater departure. What’s new is the rapidly rising penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) and the presence of variable renewable generation. Then too, there is the prospect of evolving technologies (automated metering and control systems, information technology and communications, smart inverters, storage, etc.) available to support dynamic demand and supply. It is all about flexibility.

Electric utilities, regulators and third party developers and suppliers are working diligently to ask the right questions and define the future electric distribution utility. In areas where change is rapid, utilities are rushing to make operational changes. Regardless of how fast changes are coming, comprehensive planning for Grid 3.0 is a must. Flexibility is a guiding principal for that planning.

It was not surprising then, that it was standing room only at the 2017 DistribuTECH Mega Session titled “The Next Generation Distribution Grid: Grid 3.0.” Dora Nakafuji, director of renewable energy planning, Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO); Stuart Nachmias, vice president, energy policy and regulatory affairs, Consolidated Edison (ConEd); Dr. Mani Vadari, president, Modern Grid Solutions; and, Dr. Ali Ipakchi, Sr. vice president smart grid and green power, OATI, gave their perspectives as part of the panel moderated by Anant Venkateshwaran, director, General Electric.

For more, go to Next-Gen Flexibility is the Mantra for Grid 3.0, Electric Light and Power, 6/19/2017.

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