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Uncharted Waters: New Revenue Streams for Utilities

June 6, 2016 / Jill Feblowitz / Conferences, Distributed Energy Resources, Distribution Markets, New Business Models

For the last three years, conversations in Europe, then in North America, has been about the need for new revenue streams for utilities.  Utilities are facing decline in consumption, yet need to make capital investments to maintain grid reliability and integrate renewables while satisfying customers who are demanding more options and shareholders who are expecting returns.   The first all-women panel, New Revenue Streams for Electric Utilities, at Distributech, provided attendees a glimpse into how the regulated businesses of PG&E, National Grid, KCPL and Duke Energy are testing  out new products and services as a way to tap new revenue streams.

Find the full article at Electric Power & Light.  Uncharted Waters – New Revenue Streams

This just out…The State Corporation Commission of the State of Kansas (SCC) has just rejected KCPL’s petition to rate base 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations.  This is a setback to KCPL’s effort at new revenue streams described in the EP&L article cited above.

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