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Gas leaks are a major headache for utilities, but analytics can help

February 4, 2019 / Jill Feblowitz / Gas Distribution, Regulation

With the gas explosion in San Bruno in 2010 came an uptick in public attention to the hazards of pipeline leaks. Regulators in several states are mandating more regular inspections and reporting, and penalties for incidents can be crippling.

It is not just high-volume leaks that have potential for harm. Smaller gas leaks, which are predominantly methane, add up to more greenhouse gas. According to EPA estimates based on data from 2016, transmission, storage and distribution account for 23% of methane leaks over the natural gas production to distribution process.

Advances in monitoring technology and analytics promise to deliver better identification and faster resolution of potential natural gas distribution hazards. It is still early days, though. Remote monitoring technologies are costly to deploy and maintain, especially in the widely dispersed gas transmission and distribution system.  For more see – Gas leaks are a massive headache for utilities, but analytics can help

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