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Driving Change with AVs – Getting to the Emerald City

June 19, 2017 / Jill Feblowitz / Automated Vehicles, Electric Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are grabbing lots of attention these days. All the major automakers are involved in development in hopes of getting a piece of the market. Plus, tech companies and ride sharing services are getting into the game. Forward-looking cities are discussing how AVs will fit into the transportation mix. With any game-changing technology, there are bound to be bumps in the road, even more so with the complexity of traffic patterns. Still, there are opportunities to be had in the AV space for companies that can identify the “white space”.

The MIT Enterprise Forum CleanTech group brought together a diverse set of panelists on March 21 to weigh in on how rapidly evolving technological advances in the transportation sector will impact mobility and energy consumption in urban centers.

The panelists’ forecast of AV penetration were covered in the recent blog – Driving Change with AVs – Are We There Yet?  This new blow looks at challenges the new AV ecosystem will confront and where gaps in technology provide opportunities for start-ups.  Find it at Driving Change with AVs – Getting to the Emerald City.

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